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Global Water Management Patterns & A Promising Resolution

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Since time immemorial human life have revolved around water – its utilization and management – to carry out daily needs and activities, and may be sometimes for greater grounds such as shipments and power generation. From scientific theory about origin of life to providing livelihood in an objective and practical manner, water has been playing an inevitable role for human existence on the Earth. The major sources of this survival being natural water bodies such as oceans, seas, rivers and brooks, water streams, ponds and lakes, that are been constantly exploited to serve humans!

However from past two decades, a tremendous decline in water quality in these natural reserves has been noticed, in conjunction with shortage of safe drinking water for almost one-fourth of the human population globally. Likewise, many international associations such as UN-Water, World Water Council, including some non-profit organizations and unions like CDP Global, have started working on the on-going water crisis and awareness for this rising global concern regarding pitfalls of water. Apart from creating a social, economical and political alert, these people have also come up with strong and strategic approaches guiding to judicious utilization and conservation of available water bodies.

But the success in this context has been expectedly low and seemingly poor with continuous degradation in the quality and availability of water. The reason behind this might be unequal distribution of water resources among community and nations worldwide, carelessness and unawareness of people on the subject of management of water, and lack of proper facility infrastructure and technological approaches towards the issue.

UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals

The UN world organization has been continuously working forward to bring in better developmental approaches for the people and planet. So far they have put in several efforts and attempts to enlighten us all with statistics of environmental degradation, climate change, water security and management, and sustainability. Recently, they have turn up with certain environmental goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDPs) to ensure a more sustaining prospect for all and upcoming generations as well. From curbing natural ecosystem loss to going sustainably efficient towards environment and restraining certain communal issues, the UN world organization resiliently been addressing better quality life for each and every individual on Earth.

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Moreover, United Nation organization have firmly mentioned the role and requirement of different corporate sectors’ and private unions’ support in achieving these SDPs by setting up knowledge, expertise and financial sources. There must be deployed strategic technical and exponential methodologies so that we build up a monologue describing each others’ part and great networking signifying potential stand-outs.

Water Hygiene and Water Resources Management: A Potential Solution

In mass sufferings, it’s not blissful for the few to display their privileges. Water is something most common between the rich and the poor. Each one of us needs it the same way, regardless of our social or economical condition. Working together for the most sustainable life for us and our future generations, we are now more committed to providing our services with best possible ways to ensure minimal shortcomings.

Goal 6Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, has been proposed to curb water related mismanagement problems and access to safe drinking water equitably at more rapid rates by 2030.

Goal 12Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, relates with energy efficient infrastructural advancements in corporate and public systems that would lead to a clean, green transitions and more sustainable economy.

Goal 14Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, substantiate safeguarding all water-related resources in the most effectual manner and trimming down all kinds of aquatic contamination to certain healthy environmental restoration.

Andromeida Pledges to bring everyone, who cares for the cause of saving and conserving water, together: WATER FOR ALL

The main implementation challenges related to water and its management include proper clarification and safeguarding of natural water resources through advanced means of technology and expertise. We are providing high-tech developmental solutions to troubleshoot every bit of water and its hygiene related problems by our own devised Artificial Intelligence super working robot – the Pool-Buddy. This automated bot is all-in-one solution for managing manmade and natural large water sources, going sustainably efficient and more out coming guaranteeing every person get standard quality of water for various life purposes.

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