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Safe and Healthy Swimming Standards- Towards Sustainability

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Swimming is fun. Isn’t it? You enjoy being in water for hours, playing with your friends and family, or just pleasuring to compensate your daily busy schedule. Water in the pool looks so safe, intense, pure and lively! No dangers, no risks at all!

Water decodes for a fine amount of pleasure, exercise and relaxation in our lives, adding dynamic vivacity and a punch of enthusiasm with a lot of recreation. But be aware; management of these recreational water environments has lot of health aspects concerned with it as well. The water environment at various public treated aquatic venues (such as swimming pools, water parks, hot/cold bath tubs, natural/domestic spas, beaches or fresh water lakes, etc.) may disclose us to a number of health risks and contamination problems. Mismanaged pool organization can expose people to a number of health hazards coupled with microbial and chemical infectivity, injuries and water illnesses.  

The structural design, operation parameters of water and regulation policies all play a key role in a defining a healthy water ecosystem optimized for utilization by public. Managing a swimming pool or any other recreational water facilities needs a set of good practices and specific scientific approaches to ensure health security in water. Besides alarming the hygiene and safety standards underwater, poor operational services may lead to hazardous diseases and infections as well. Alongside, giving rise to many infectious outbreaks and pool-chemical injuries.

Pool standards need to be maintained with utmost priority and hygiene concerns so that there is minimum risk to any event of contamination. Pool managers must ensure a good infrastructural set-ups and high level of operation standards that must be structurally planned and authentically fit for public and private uses of water facilities.

Health standards of Swimming – a major concern post COVID-19

Swimming facilities at community places and even in personal complexes and homeowner associations need a minimum standard set of voluntary practices that help decreasing the threat of public illnesses and infections. There are certain common guidelines that must come into force for safer and healthier swimming experience for all, especially following the on-going corona virus pandemic.

The whole human race have brutally faced troubles due an air-borne, human to human transmitting virus causing severe lung injuries and bronchi infections. No need to talk about how education, businesses and especially the recreation ventures have suffered.  No one could ever imagine the consequences if certain lethal microorganisms start spreading through water. Water being the most basic human need and a fuel for human life. The results would have been far more fatal and worst than what we have faced in the case of COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, there is an essential necessity of an effective methodology to ascertain the fatality of such kind of water borne illness outbreaks.

What needs to be managed in public treated water pools?

Evaluation and optimization of the safety standards associated with recreational water environment is essentially important to make it publically protected and economically feasible. Following key points need to be checked out before declaring the water safe and sound for public/private use:-

  • Macro-waste disposal – cleaning and filtering out the collected particles
  • Algae confiscation – scrubbing off and removal of algal deposition from water pool bed & walls
  • Water quality – monitoring and analysis of physical factors of water (temperature, viscosity, etc.)   
  • Chemical dosing – ion concentrations and its evaluation
  • pH balance – controlling measures to prohibit augmentation of aquatic microbes and algae
  • Energy compensation – efficient manpower, electricity and other power optimization   

All-in-one solution for every single water assessment dilemma in pools – Andromeida’s Underwater Bot

So far everyone has realized and affirmed that water atmosphere also requires similar concern and favorable inputs like human body. We need to treat water just as we supply our body with dietary juices, healthy food and several other measures that ensure optimized functioning of the body. In similar way, this scarce resource – water, needs to be treated and taken care of with utmost authenticity and precision to ensure judicious utilization and protection of health.

Setting up minimum operational standards, addressing the design and construction, maintaining safety guidelines and pool related behaviors are concrete & hard tasks to be managed and analyzed individually; control and monitoring of outbreaks and illness hazards being, sometimes, out of physical reach. Each and everything entail effective review and assessment to bring in about safe water venue for public interest.

We at Andromeida have well-estimated and identified the most useful and valuable dietary supplements for sustaining the water, along with a unique way of dispensing it inside the pool – that is none other than our water robo – Pool Buddy. Not only it aids time-to-time cleaning and analysis of water quality through AI motorized mechanism, but will also optimize the chemical dosing and decontamination procedures of pool via sensor stack and AI algorithm that can be monitored virtually on a web application.

Also, Andromeida offers operating Pool Buddy on ‘Product as a Service’ (PaaS) model, i.e. using the bot service as and when required by pool managers, helping them deduct the one time heavy expense of buying the bot. Also, it avails reducing the regular operational cost of pool sites and accommodation difficulty at the same time. Overall, dissipating a safe, sustainable, power efficient and highly standardized pool experience to the owners and public as well.

Today organisations like WHO, UN-Water, World Water Council, Ministry of JAL and others are striving hard to create awareness through campaigns for conservation and protection of water at various public, semi-public, domestic and natural resources. They are continuously catering guidance to various measures and protocols which should be considered at personal levels to achieve the standards of sustainability of water. These preservation approaches with personalized guidelines would prove to be the major pillar behind ours and the survival of our future generations.

Technical advances in this crisis begin with introducing market ready technologies which must be accepted by the people as ‘value creator,’ for them and for environment as well. We at Andromeida have surveyed and conducted our ground level research across major cities of the country to identify how, where and when; the major problem of water management persists and how can it be solved through our robotic and digital management solutions. Simultaneously, retaining the health standards and economic welfare of users and service providers in a sounder manner, besides rectifying the risks of water outbreaks, illnesses and infections.  

For these sole purposes, a unique horizon has been defined by Andromeida Maritime Solutions wherein we are offering solutions which relates to anything and everything related to water.

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