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What are the Major and Minor Factors Influencing Your Pool Environment?

Siddhant Bajpai 0

So, we have been exploring on various aspects of swimming pool which can be segmented into 2 easy parts:

  1. The Pool’s infrastructure (Minor Influencer)- It foremost covers the in-situ tech and essentials which we find inside any generic pool. This covers tiles (for building the walls and bed of the pool), inlet and outlet for water (these points may be capped through skimmers for efficient filtration without clogging), lights (at the surface or on the bed which makes your pool, a paradise for a night experience), floating chlorinators (which has market available di-chlorine tablets to dispense disinfectant in the pool) and much more add-ons, for leisure or warming the water.
  2. The Water (Major Influencer)- This makes the whole volume of your pool and that major factor which can influence your swimming experience directly.

Talking of a better swimming experience, for now, we are majorly relying on the minor influencing factors , that might be the chlorinator or other physical cleaning methods, which we currently deploy to enjoy a memorable swimming experience.

I spoke less on water being the major influencer above as some citations are always helpful to connect while mentioning swimming pool, cleaning and experience.

Very commonly known parameter for water is TDS, pH being second popular are amongst the major factors which impact how your water behaves. Now, say your drinking water TDS can be considered good if it is in the range 60-150 ppm (parts per million) or 200 ppm in some cases, depending on various terrains and source of the water.

Imagining a good TDS for the pool doesn’t really hold a range. Some theoretical texts say, 1800 ppm to 2200 ppm is an ideal range where TDS can be considered good but factually speaking, TDS is just summation of whatever your pool consists of and it may even cross 3000 ppm !, at times, still giving you a healthy swimming experience.

Now, if somebody really wishes to have the best swimming pool experience ever, then it depends on how precisely you bridge the gap between the minor and major influencers and adopt that methodology which caters to both, hence providing you with the healthiest pool in the neighbourhood.

Before jumping to how could you efficiently try and fix it, let’s talk about the repercussions one might face, leaving these influencers, un-attended:

  • Irritating Water- Some of you might be friendly with the concept of hard water but irritating water is something different. This water can be administering allergies that can cost your skin and eyes. When the irritating water gets to contact your skin or eyes, it passes on those chemical factors to you, which is the actual reason behind your water, feeling irritated. This can come through instable range of your pH and the freely available chlorine content, just brimming over the danger levels (P.S: Observe that this irritated water has both minor and major influencers as the foundation reasons behind its cause)
  • Stained infrastructure- So this being in the list of our minor influencer actually stands, somewhat on how we treat the water. Take calcium as one of the factors which contributes majorly to the TDS. Causes of presence of this salt can be known as it may flow through the Source water or can be obtained through your pool’s infrastructure in the form of quick lime (CaO) which later combines with Carbon dioxide and moisture in order to form Calcium carbonate that contributes to water becoming hard or soft (This is true to a certain extent). Coming back to corelating your pool’s infrastructure with calcium, there are 2 main terminologies which we should briefly understand to handle our pool, accordingly. These are Etching and Chalking. Etching is experienced by all of us and is visible to the naked eyes when we experience the tiles inside the pool becoming discolored and this situation occurs only when the calcium demand of your water is not fulfilled as a result, it extracts the calcium from the surface that stores it. Coming to Chalking, it is that whitish line which you can generally experience on the surface lining of your pool or deposition on your staircases which occur in a situation when calcium presence is over fulfilled and as a result, water starts vomiting calcium outside its inner vicinity.

Speaking of these three factors can emerge in understanding your pool better but there is a lot which lies unexplored behind how pool and its water get together, happily. Now coming to how important bridging this gap is, We at Andromeida thereby recommend ‘Chemistry’ as the savior which answers both the issues occurring through the minor and major influencers, providing you with pool, no less than a paradise. It might practically become impossible for doing this manually so we got ourselves some help. After years of R&D, a highly experienced team of multi-faceted engineers, researchers, enthusiasts and policy makers have developed this underwater Robot called Pool-Buddy which does what it takes to bridge this gap, all by its own.

This robot, not only senses the major and minor influencers in your pool but also identifies the best way to deal with them through our in-house developed AI algorithms to provide this bridging solution. Hold on ! as it doesn’t end here, I quoted on TDS and pH being the most known parameters in water, this bot takes care of 5+ parameters of the pool and activates it’s specially designed cleaning mechanism covering disinfection, management and chemical balance for your pool.

You can interact with this robot through out augmented reality platform by hitting the ‘INTERACT’ button on We are coming soon to serve you and your pool with this Pool Buddy, at your doorsteps. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on Pool-Wisdom !

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